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Tropican Parrot Lifetime Formula Sticks 1.5kg- 3.3lb

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Tropican Lifetime Formula provides proper daily nutrition for fledged juvenile to adult Parrots for
the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Lifetime Formula, a Parrot food with lower protein and calcium was developed for companion birds who are not molting or under any other stress such as cooler temperatures. Natural colours such as those found in carrots and alfalfa add interest for the bird without being artificial.

It’s an excellent peanut-derived source of fat and protein, as well as a source of essential grains that complement amino acid profiles; all critical for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle for fledged juvenile to adult Parrots. A rich source of Omega fatty acids from flaxseed, peanuts and sunflower seeds makes feathers shine and helps support a healthy body.

The fruity aroma is derived from natural fruit oils (banana and orange oil) and is sprayed on to the morsels, along with herbal antioxidants and tocopherals (Vitamin E) right before packaging. Unlike artificial flavors, the natural fruity aroma will dissipate in a reasonable amount of time after opening.

Tropican Lifetime is naturally yellow due to its mixed grain composition; the inclusion of the orange and green pellet varieties are due to the addition of natural vegetable sources – tomato (orange pellets) and alfalfa nutrient concentrate (green pellets).

Key Features:

  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Is a full balanced diet that is fortified with vitamins and minerals so an additional supplement is not required
  • Contains a blend of multi grains with peanuts for high palatability
  • Contains natural omega fatty acids from flaxseed
  • Contains optimal levels of calcium
  • Contains multiple sources of protein to generate impeccable feathers
  • Contains optimal yet balanced and safe levels of calcium, vitamin D and iron for all specie requirements
  • Comes in multi size morsels and shapes to satisfy a wide range of species (granules and sticks)
  • Is an optimal base diet that can be complimented with enrichment foods
  • Is offered longer throughout the year for all psittacine species


SKU: 80548


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Tropican Parrot Lifetime Formula Sticks 1.5kg- 3.3lb Tropican Parrot Lifetime Formula Sticks 1.5kg- 3.3lb
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